Maybe Greys

Divan Orange, 4234 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal

Door price and other details to follow...

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Together, their voices harmonize effortlessly to form the cornerstone of their songwriting. The last step was to complete a full band lineup with Montreal natives Ben Massicotte (guitar), and Daniel Moscovitch (drums).

High and Mighty's debut EP (2016) is available on the band's Bandcamp site. A full album is in the works for later this year, and performance announcements will be rolling out shortly.

Maybe Greys "Three Mile Bend" is a deeply personal and emotive album about love, friendship, family, work, and oneself. Maybe Greys music could be described as indie-folk with a pop and light country influence with charismatic hooks and refrains, and a unique singing voice joined by infectious harmonies. The songs are mainly comprised of ballads and anthemic indie tunes that speak on a universal level of affection, autonomy, and our day-to-day moments of vexation.

Drawing directly from classic rhythm and blues and rock bands of the late 60’s ­ early 70’s, the unwavering dedication to keep all of their influences heavily embedded in the sound is testament to the band's focus and authenticity.